Direct on Data launches National Fibre Radio Services.

23rd Oct, 2015 12:00 am

Direct on Data Limited (DoDL), formerly Direct on PC, now offers national fibre with last mile radio services. CEO, JC Mollett, explains that the ever increasing national fibre grid in Nigeria has made it possible for Direct on Data to expand its product portfolio on a national basis. He states, “DoDL is making major investments in its national expansion program. For too long there has only been focus on major centres. We see untouched markets where our products and services will be greatly appreciated.

Previously DoDL could only reach clients outside of the big 3, Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt with VSAT connectivity solutions. With the expansion program we have already changed numerous of our existing VSAT clients to Fibre Radio. In many instances leaving the VSAT as a secondary redundant link. We still offer VSAT as primary and redundant services for impossible and critical stations. Fibre Radio offers clients faster speeds with much reduced latency, greater throughput and larger capacity for the same value. Our core network is expanding daily as we are working with resellers and agents nationally to reach our market."

DoDL builds marketing and service capacity in the regions through an accredited reseller and certified integrator programs. Interested parties are welcome to apply. DoDL offers internal product and service training for resellers and certification courses on their technology for integrators.