DODL provides various tools which are essential for corporate clients to efficiently manage their subscribed bandwidth and also to protect their network against any unatuhorised usage. There is a lot which a corporate client can do with these tools such as:

  • Defining bandwidth speeds for various users: one user may require more bandwidth than some other user on the network
  • Defining time slots for internet use: Corporate may not want their employees to be surfing internet while they are supposed to concentrate on their official work. Internet may be allowed during lunch hours, etc.
  • Blocking unsocial sites
  • Access restricted to certain sites only
  • Re-routing the bandwidth to work from homes of key people in the night when it is not getting used in office
  • Log Reports on the activities of various users in the network
  • Reports on bandwidth and data utilisation for taking wise decision in terms of upgrade/ downgrade of subscribed bandwidth.
  • Historical Reports on performance and availability of link and lot more....


VoIP (Voice over IP) is a value added service provided by DODL for better and effective use of your available bandwidth.

This is an excellent solution for the clients having multiple offices or work locations. Using IP PBX and IP phones, various offices can talk to each other absolutely FREE of cost. Client's existing connectivity is used for communication with no additional cost or recharge to be done for telephony between various locations. This solution cuts down the cost of communication resulting into more value for money a client is spending for the connectivity. The audio quality and performance in this system is excellent and free from the congestion we usually face on GSM lines in Nigeria. It is like having your personal hotlines.